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MIDI Manufacturers Association (Offizielle Website)

Introduction to MIDI (PDF-Einführung von o. g. Website) (beste Übersicht, die ich kenne ...)

Wikipedia über MIDI (deutsch)

Wikipedia über MIDI (englisch)

MIDI-OX (Download eines verbreiteten MIDI-Monitorprogramms)

Sammlung diverser interessanter Links

MODULARGrid (... is a database and planner for modular synthesizers.)

Hersteller modularer Synthesizerkomponenten (alphabetisch)

-- A --

Abstract Data

ACL Audiophile Circuits League

AJH Synth

ALM Busy Circuits

Analogue Solutions


-- B --

Bastl Instruments

-- C --


-- D --



-- E --

Erica Synths

Expert Sleepers

-- F --


Frap Tools

-- G --

Grp Synthesizer

-- H --

Happy Nerding

-- I --

Industrial Music Electronics


-- J --


Joranalogue Audio Design

-- M --

Make Noise

Mannequins by Whimsical Raps

Manikin Electronic


Moog Music

Mutable Instruments

-- N --

Noise Engineering

Nonlinear Labs

-- R --

Radikal Technologies

Rossum Electro-Music

-- S --

Squarp Instruments


-- T --

Tasty Chips Electronics

-- U --


-- V --



-- W --


-- X --

Xaoc Devices



Eigene Materialien zur Musiktechnik

MIDI-Messages: Code-orientierte Übersicht (rev. 14.10.2016)

YouTube-Videos der underdog Electronic Music School

underdog Electronic Music School

An introduction to the Step Sequencer

Choosing drum sounds - where to start? [Beginners]

Electrical zaps (techno sound design like Snts) using Live's Wavetable

Everything you need to know about Kick Drums (including Kick2 & Punchbox)

Hihats part 2: EQ & processing essentials

How & why to use MIDI chord packs

How to compose with randomness in Ableton Live [Advanced]

How to learn any synthesizer

How to learn arrangement

How to keep your boring loop endlessly spicy with Polymeters

How to make cinematic glassy shimmers (using FM synthesis & reverb freeze)

How to make Lush Plucks like Four Tet

How to make Stephan Bodzin's Singularity with an analog synth | Moog Subsequent37 + Ableton Live

How to make syncopated deep house Toms like Mind Against, Tale of Us, and Colyn

Intro to Subtractive Synthesis


Learning the Roland System-100

Learn music theory in 29 minutes

Let's analyse Adana Twins - C3PO

Make your melodies less boring using 'ratcheting'

Mixing loud: Managing your dynamic range using limiters

Music Theory for Techno

Painting with sound - a techno exercise

Peak vs RMS volume: why should you care?

Pop music production techniques (Glass Animals - Heat Waves)

Recreating the house beats of Skrillex and Four Tet

Reviewing student kick drums

Shadow Grooves for House Music using Vocoders and Resonators

Shadow Harmonies (adding depth to your synths)

Simple and effective hihat strategies

SNTS study: Arranging a full track from a 1-bar loop

SNTS study: How to make banging industrial techno drums

SNTS study part 3: polishing & finishing the mix [advanced]

Synthesizer Workshop | Moog Subsequent37

Techno Rumble Mastery

The "Gated Reverb" technique in 4 levels of complexity

The key to learning music production

The trance gate technique (like Ross from Friends, Bicep, Max Cooper and Moderat)

Two types of break for electronic music

Why and how to tune your kick drums

Why producers quit

3 approaches to subliminal modulation

4 steps to make funky hihats like Tale of Us or Maceo Plex

4 steps to making soaring bass melodies like Alex Niggemann using u-he Diva and a... calculator?

5 steps to make pulsating techno like Paula Temple or Surgeon

Elektronische Musik, YouTube-Links

Psychedelic jam session - KORG ms-20, TR-8, analog four, line6, volca - (BURG - The saucer people)

BURG Live @ SynthFest KL 2015-11-08, Studio 453

Analogue Synth Power - Studio Jam with 2 Moogs and a Dave Smith Mopho keys in the lead

A Brief History of the Minimoog Synthesizer

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Full Concert - Live at SWF Ohne Filter 1999

Rick Wakeman and Jon Lord on Sunflower Jam 2011

Keith Emerson breaks down the Moog

50th Anniversary of the Moog Modular Synthesizer

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